UT Technology Co., Ltd.

UT Technology, a leader in digital manufacturing

We have expanded our business to the field of "digital manufacturing" and design and development in fields where advanced technologies are required.

Constantly seeking cutting-edge technologies
UT Technology participates in design and development projects in the semiconductor, telecommunication, household appliance and automobile industries where advanced technologies are required, and designs and develops embedded and operation-related software and hardware.

We will also contribute to the building of a sustainable society through "digital manufacturing" and by spreading Industry 4.0 initiatives to the automobile, aviation, and aerospace industries.

Embedded software

Embedded software is used mainly in industrial control systems and monitoring systems etc. Nowadays, it is used in a wide range of areas including industrial devices and most electronic products such as household devices, medical devices and so on, becoming part and parcel of the daily lives of people.
As devices become more advanced, the role of embedded software will become more and more important.

UT Technology has participated in the projects of a variety of manufacturers, from digital household appliances to industrial devices, and refined its development knowhow in realizing a wide range of technologies and high quality, low cost, and short delivery times.

Through "digital manufacturing", UT Technology will also contribute to the building of a sustainable society.

Development examples

Environment and energy systems
Hybrid cars, solar power panels, co-generation systems, fuel cell systems, residential power generation systems, etc.
Mobile communication devices
Smart phones, wearable computers, electronic book reader, etc.
Car-mounted communication devices
Car navigation systems, preventive safety and driving support systems, car-mounted cameras, etc.
Industrial machines
Copiers, POS registers, compact POS terminals, train service management systems, artificial satellites, industrial robots, etc.
Medical devices
Automatic sphygmomanometer, electrocardiograph, defibrillator (AED etc.), etc.

Hardware design

In order to improve the functionality of a variety of devices used in work and daily life, hardware and software have become closely linked. Moreover, the development cycle of devices tends to be shorter compared to the past, requiring the products to be fully launched in a short time.

Amid such a background, "integrated hardware and software design" that aims to optimize performance and cost has attracted much attention for its ability to link software and hardware design and advance the development of both hardware and software at the same time in a parallel manner.

Being involved in software development, UT Technology is good at advancing hardware design in collaboration with the software department. "Power electronics" contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions and energy conservation by enabling the use of highly-efficient energy. Although it has become a focus of attention in all fields which handle electrical power such as the power, transport, household appliance and industrial sectors, UT Technology has been involved in the development of this technology right from the beginning.

Considering the future of the earth, UT Technology's expectations towards "digital manufacturing" will rise more and more.

Development examples

Power electronics
Natural energy power generation, smart houses (residential storage batteries, gas power generation, solar power generation), electric cars, hybrid cars, inverter household appliances, next generation energy-saving devices, factory automation,etc.
Power supply equipment
Next generation car batteries, charging facilities for smart grids, electric vehicles (EV) quick chargers, industrial lithium-ion storage batteries, etc.
Mobile communication foundation
Wireless packer communication device, ultra-compact base station equipment for indoor use, etc.
Mobile devices
Mobile phones, smart phone circuits, housing design
Space development
Aerospace-related design and development

Operation-based software

When companies and self-governing bodies try to optimize and automate their work, operation-related software specializing in the operational details and organization needs to be developed.

Besides programming technology, UT Technology aims to improve "human skills" like communication, team management, and presentation skills through OJT and engineer training. As a result, we are able to accurately capture the needs of customers and propose the most optimal solutions for them, thereby earning a high level of praise from them.

Furthermore, we can also respond flexibly to the scale and nature of the project by deploying either one or a team of engineers to support the project. In particular, we are good at contracting projects as a team, allowing software development to be carried out smoothly at a high level of satisfaction while controlling the cost, quality and delivery.

Development examples

For the manufacturing industry
Material procurement system, production control system, order and inventory control system, customer management system, etc.
For the communication industry
Mobile phone customer management system, number portability service, electronic purchase system, etc.
For the medical and nursing industry
Medical admin system, in-hospital operation support system, caregiver support system.
For the financial industry
Helpdesk operation system, pension management system, damage insurance distributor system, share contract system, etc.
Package systems
Finance, accounts, human resource and salary, purchase and sales management, etc.
Network infrastructure systems
FTTH systems, RFoG systems, digital CATV systems, Internet and IP telephone systems, etc.