UT Technology Co., Ltd.

Manpower development and organizational management to breed trust

Human resource development and organizational management to build trust

UT Technology is a subsidiary of the UT Group which is the first company in the outsourcing industry to be listed in 2003 through its holding company UT Holdings.

Creating dynamism with the power of work under the corporate philosophy above, in addition to building a stable employment foundation and a comprehensive system where employees can work in a stable and secure manner, we have established many career enhancement opportunities in order to raise the motivation of the employees.

The employees of UT Technology will answer the trust that customers place in it as a professional group that continues to grow constantly.

System to raise the motivation of employees

Since its founding, permanent employment has been a basic principle of the UT Group in order to achieve stable and secure employment for its employees.

In addition, we have also introduced the industry's first "Entry System" to determine occupational posts from a list of potential candidates. We have implemented systems to improve the motivation of employees e.g. employee shareholder meetings, the One UT Project to promote career enhancement in each group company, etc., so as to raise the employee retention rate.

The reason why the employees of UT Technology have a high level of motivation is because of such systems.

System for employees to continue growing

The greatest strength of the UT Group lies in its ability to nurture engineers with specialized technical skills and craftsmanship.

By making the contracting business our main business, work is carried out on a team basis, allowing younger engineers to acquire the basic engineering knowledge of their superiors and seniors and learn more about the latest technological trends. Experience and technical capabilities are developed through OJT at the work site as well.

In terms of Off-JT, we also promote system-based learning through WBT (Web-based training) that allows employees to acquire skills at home so long as they have an Internet connection, as well as training to acquire professional knowledge and skills required in their work.

We have also institutionalized opportunities to evaluate the efforts of employees e.g. by giving out the "UT Grand Prix" prize to deserving UT Group employees who compete in workplace improvements, so as to develop employees who constantly strive to reach a higher level.

Thorough compliance

In order for the UT Group to comply with the laws and regulations and conduct its corporate activities in line with its corporate ethics, we have established and deployed across the group a "UT Group Compliance Risk Management Committee" that is advised by external lawyers. The committee works to strengthen the group's adherence to compliance requirements.

In addition, it has written a "Compliance Manual" for all employees to promote compliance measures and things to note regarding the Antitrust Act, intellectual property rights, ban on corruption, appropriate use of information systems and so on.

A "whistle blower system" has been established for employees to report and seek advice on compliance violations in the company, or when they feel that a violation is about to be committed. Besides ensuring anonymity and setting up a system to ensure that the whistleblower will not suffer any disadvantage, the issues raised will also be dealt with promptly.