UT Technology Co., Ltd.


Outsourced (entrusted) development

Most user needs do not originate from hardware and software initially. First of all, there must be "issues" such as a desire to improve or optimize work processes, or a desire to provide products and services with high value-add. Hardware and software are simply means to achieve these needs.

Professional groups in UT Technology which are experts in their respective fields, be it the manufacturing, financial, service, medical or automobile industry, understand correctly the aim and goals of the customer. They then propose an appropriate solution and work on resolving the issues while sharing the goals with the customer.

We also respond flexibly to changes in the specifications and work details caused by changes in the market and technology, while working in a transparent manner with regards to the progress status and so on.


The buyer (customer) and the contractor (UT Technology) document the specifications and delivery schedule etc., and enters into a "contracting or work outsourcing contract".

UT Technology takes responsibility for the outcome, deploying employees and executing the work in accordance with the project details. Since the employee work instructions, labor management, quality management, etc., are undertaken by UT Technology, the customer therefore enjoys the advantage of being released from the management of such work.

Employee placement

Employee placement business in which the employees perform their work in accordance to work instructions issued by the supervising officer at their deployment destination (company) Engineers are employed as permanent employees in our company and depending on the needs and project of the customer, we will deploy one or a team of these employees with specialized skills to work for the customer.

As a "professional engineer group", besides the individual technical skills of the engineers, we have also established business systems such as those in sales, training and education (technical, human skills, management), quality management and so on, to provide services that can satisfy the customer requirements.