UT Technology Co., Ltd.

Management Philosophy, Corporate Ethics

Management philosophy

Always seek flexible ideas to provide opportunities to all employees.
Build strong partnerships (relationship of trust) with customers.
Clearly define where responsibility resides for all matters to build a sound business structure.

Corporate philosophy and vision

Each and every employee shall act voluntarily to satisfy the customer and contribute to the regional community by creating favorable employment opportunities that transcend the framework of the human resource business based on knowledge and technology.

Corporate concept

We aim to become a profession organization that is neither a manufacturer nor an employee placement business but an engineering contractor that will continue to inherit know-how.

Compliance policy

The directors and staff of UT Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter known as employees, including all permanent staff, contract staff, temp staff, seconded staff etc.) shall acknowledge the starting point of our corporate activities as "customers", and we shall adopt the position of the "customer" in providing services that are of value to the customer. In order to contribute to the needs of the customer, we will comply with all relevant laws, and as a responsible member of society, we will conduct ourselves in accordance with social norms.

Relationship with society

  • We will not engage in illegal acts, or non-transparent acts that cannot be justified socially, or acts that will damage the trust and reputation of the company, nor shall we pursue profits through illegal means.
  • We will maintain close ties and cooperation with regional communities and contribute to social activities as a good corporate citizen.
  • As our corporate ethical mission, we reject all relations with and challenge all anti-social forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society with a resolute attitude.

Relationship with customers

  • We will always adopt the position of the customer and prioritize quality and safety.
    In addition to expending all efforts to prevent problems and accidents related to safety and quality, we will handle all problems and accidents which arise sincerely and promptly.
  • We will not engage in expressions or displays that may give the wrong impression to customers regarding quality, performance, specifications, and soon.
  • We will comply with the Labor Standards Act, Temporary Staffing Services Law, Industrial Safety and Health Law, Personal Information Protection Law, and laws on the prohibition of unauthorized access, and carry out corporate activities in an impartial and appropriate manner.

Relationship with shareholders and investors

  • We will disclose useful and reliable corporate information to shareholders and investors in a timely and appropriate manner, taking into consideration the necessity of maintaining the confidentiality of the information.
  • We will not engage in insider trading using publicly unavailable information of the UT Group companies and trading partners etc. that are acquired in the course of our work.
  • We aim to improve and continuously expand corporate value through the correct and efficient application of corporate governance and internal control systems.

Conservation and harmony of global environment

  • We are grateful to a global environment that bestows various blessings and supports a healthful life for people and we will continue to conduct corporate activities that are in harmony with the global environment.

Management of company assets and information

  • We will manage all company assets and corporate information strictly in accordance with internal rules regardless of whether they are tangible or intangible in nature and we will not use them for illegal purposes.
  • We will not use illegally nor infringe upon other people's rights and assets and we will respect them to the maximum effect.
  • We will strictly manage confidential information (including personal information) of the company and we will not use, disclose or leak this information illegally or improperly, even after we retire.
  • We will not access confidential information of our trading partners and customers illegally, nor will we obtain them illegally.
  • In addition to actively securing R&D and other results as intellectual property, we will respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and strive not to infringe upon them.

Relationship with employees

  • We respect basic human rights and strive to realize a corporate culture that is full of autonomous vitality and where employees can work safely and easily.