UT Technology Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive Training System

You do not need to worry even if you do not have any experience. UT Technology will fully backup your first step towards becoming a "professional".

Training for confirmed employees
(basic training before entry)

Employees will start learning from the basics, including the manners and ethics of a working adult, basic office rules, personal grooming, honorific language, communication to ensure work proceeds smoothly, and so on.
Through this training, a foundation for working as a member of society in UT Technology will be built up.

Training for confirmed employees (group work)

Display units using LCD displays with touch panels are produced. Practical group work that takes into consideration the display contents and design in the actual programming, operating checks and assembly. Through this group work, employees will be able to acquire specialized knowledge, communication skills and practical skills.
At the end of the training, each group will present their work, which will be judged by an internal panel, and outstanding groups will be commended as well.

Technical training (school training after entry)

Besides science students, arts students can also become engineers by going through our school training programs where they can study on their rest days to acquire professional knowledge and obtain the relevant certifications to become an engineer while working in their assigned departments after joining the company.
As there are 86 school partners of the UT Group throughout the country, employees can attend any one of them easily no matter where their assigned department is. The comprehensive curriculum consists of a maximum of 50 hours of lessons over 6 months, allowing employees to steadily acquire and upgrade their skills.

Mechanical design engineer course

A variety of machines including transport machines such as cars and aircrafts, industrial machines used in the factory, as well as familiar tools, surround us. The engineers who served as the "manufacturing" core to produce these machines are mechanical design engineers.
Besides differences in the applications such as those for "industrial use" and those for "general use", the areas that they are responsible for can be
further divided into "overall design", "detailed design", "evaluation and analysis", "maintenance" and so on. In any case, it is a job that lets you savor the sense of satisfaction in actually taking something in your hands and turning it into something useful in the world.
In this course, employees can build up their foundation as mechanical design engineers and upgrade their careers via qualifications.

Program engineer course

Bank ATMs, air ticket issuing systems, train service monitoring systems, temperature adjustment ventilation systems and so on are some of the systems that we cannot do without in our lives. The engineers making these systems are system engineering programmers.
Specifically, employees will define the requirements to realize the needs of the customer who requested for the system and software to be created, finalize the specifications, design and develop the system, and then perform operation and maintenance after the system goes into operation.
In this course, employees can build up their foundation as programmers and upgrade their careers via qualifications.

Network engineer course

A network engineer builds networks that can easily convey the information of individual computers through dedicated devices known as routers and switches by connecting the individual computers to the dedicated devices.
On top of understanding the characteristics of various OS platforms (Windows, Linux, etc.) and communication device applications (Apache, IIS, DNS, DHCP, etc.), network engineers are information processing engineers who specialize in network communications and are conversant in the communication protocol and a wide range of physical elements such as the cabling required to link up these devices.
In this course, employees can build up their foundation as network engineers and upgrade their careers via qualifications.