UT Technology Co., Ltd.

UT Technology believes that regular employment is important

We have promoted regular employment in order to realize a stable, reliable and "vigorous" working environment.

Regular employment is indispensable for people to work vigorously.

Since its foundation, the UT Group has stuck to "regular permanent employment," as we see the UT Group's reason to exist as "giving workplaces to many people and making them happy."
If your job is insecure, it's difficult to be happy.
If you can believe in tomorrow, you gain the aspiration and motivation to work hard. Growth of employees will then lead to growth of the Group.
This is why "(full-privilege) regular employment" is so important to our employees as well as the UT Group.

Even if you have no experience, you can become a regular employee.

Over 80% of our employees have no prior experience but most of them have become regular employees.
If you have no experience, you may feel less confident. However, we have a program for you to learn skills.
Unlike being dispatched and working with employees of the client company, you will work in a team with other UT Aim employees.
Our team is comprised of a general manager, managers of the process or production line, unit leaders, operators, and maintenance engineers. Veterans and new hires work in the same team, helping, working with, and learning from each other.
That is why you can learn skills and knowledge while working.

UT Technology also offers you an option to work as a contract employee.

This may be ideal for those of you who want to work only for a certain period, to utilize their talent as a specialist, or to work only at a certain location.
Depending on your condition or wishes, you can renew your contract or change to a regular employee.