UT Technology Co., Ltd.

Specializing in high value-add and growth areas

Plans to create a foundation in all hardware, middleware and software areas in mainly the automobile, aviation and aerospace sectors to prepare for the coming of the "Industry 4.0" era are in progress.

Creating high value-add with the technologies of UT Technology

Constantly seeking cutting-edge technologies.
UT Technology participates in design and development projects in the semiconductor, telecommunication, household appliance and automobile industries where advanced technologies are required, and designs and develops embedded and operation-related software and hardware.
Embedded software is used mainly in industrial control systems and monitoring systems etc. Nowadays, it is used in a wide range of areas including industrial devices and most electronic products such as household devices, medical devices and so on, becoming part and parcel of the daily lives of people. As devices become more advanced, the role of embedded software will become more and more important.
In order to improve the functionality of a variety of devices used in work and daily life, hardware and software have become closely linked. Moreover, the development cycle of devices tends to be shorter compared to the past, requiring the products to be fully launched in a short time. When companies and self-governing bodies try to optimize and automate their work, operation-related software specializing in the operational details and organization needs to be developed.
The senior engineers of UT Technology creates value-add at the forefront of industry. Those with no experience will develop into full-fledged engineers who can create value-add by participating in a variety of projects, gaining experience under the supervision of their seniors, and absorbing knowledge through the qualifications support system.

UT Technology, a leader in digital manufacturing

We aim to raise our competitiveness by creating technological innovation through a variety of research programs at present. Integrating these research efforts is the "Industry 4.0" project which we launched with IoT as its foundation.
UT Technology is taking on a new industrial revolution starting with the increasing Internet connectivity of a diversifying range of future products by quickly incorporating the concept of Industry 4.0 into these products. Spreading Industry 4.0 initiatives in the automobile, aviation and aerospace industries We at UT Technology will create the human resources required in these fields.