UT Technology Co., Ltd.

People get acknowledged and grow

People work vigorously and happily when they are acknowledged.
Programs to reward employees' efforts and challenges are available in the UT Group.

FC Grand Prix

UT Technology holds the FC Grand Prix once a year. All employees are eligible to participate.
This is a competition in which our teams from FC (factories) and other workplaces across Japan participate and compete by presenting their achievements in productivity improvement, and other improvements and initiatives.
All those initiatives presented are accumulated as know-how of the company, utilized by other FCs, and help to enhance the technological capability of the whole Group.
Employees' willingness to take on the challenge of high-level Monozukuri, the joy to achieve a great outcome, and being recognized by others all contribute to the creation of vigorous workplaces.

Length-of-service awards

The UT Group gives awards to employees who pass the 10-year milestone of working for the Group. Every year, many of them from various parts of Japan attend the ceremony.