UT Technology Co., Ltd.

5 reasons to choose UT Technology

There are 5 reasons why engineers choose UT Technology.
Let's check them out!

01We have many projects where you can learn about next generation technologies!

You can acquire advanced technical skills and experience through development projects in the environmental and energy fields which we are focusing on. We also have an increasing number of projects outsourced internally where those with little experience can upgrade their skills while learning more about design and development work.
Without a doubt, you will be able to upgrade yourself to become a highly marketable person in a few years.

02Business track record of 1000 companies!  More than 500 projects in actual operation a month

Welcoming its 20th anniversary since its founding, the UT Group has a business track record that exceeds 1000 companies, including major manufacturers and general contractors.
Based on the strong relationships that we have built so far, the number of projects that we are involved in exceeds 500 a month, and this will continue to increase even more.

03Sense of stability in permanent employment

You can work with your feet firmly planted on the ground as you will be employed on a permanent basis.
In addition, by insisting on working in contract teams, we have fostered a culture of mutual learning and teaching and realized a working environment in which employees can work actively with confidence.

04One UT Project to expand career development options

We have implemented the "One UT Project" to promote career changes in each group company. Every year, more than 40 employees are transferred to the various group companies for a change in their careers.
The range of career development options available will be widened as you can change your career freely.

05Publicly-listed corporate group that is attracting much attention in the outsourcing industry as well

Our parent company the UT Group is a company listed on the standard board of JASDAQ. The group's overall posture towards compliance is highly regarded by our trading partners. With this serving as a backbone in ensuring stability and security, you will be able to concentrate on your work.