UT Technology Co., Ltd.

What does UT Technology do?

The company is involved in the design and development of embedded and work-related software and hardware in fields which require advanced technologies.

Developing software and hardware, UT Technology

UT Technology is involved in the business of designing and developing software and hardware.
Major manufacturers have launched a great variety of research and development projects to develop new products. By outsourcing development to an external party in addition to their own efforts, development can be carried out more efficiently to meet diversifying customer needs.
UT Technology participates in and provides a variety of technical services to the projects of major and other manufacturers. Our customers come from a diverse range of industries. "Contracting", "outsourced development" and "employee placement" agreements are concluded with manufacturers in the automobile, semiconductor, communication device, household appliance and other industries for the design and development of embedded and work-related software and hardware.
Projects involving leading companies including major manufacturers, listed corporations and their group companies present good opportunities for engineers to take on challenging work in cutting-edge technologies. This also leads to an improvement in skills and motivation level.

Taking on projects as a team

When executing a contracted or outsourced design and development project, "teamwork" is the key to demonstrating the strengths of UT Technology.
The process to complete the production is entrusted to the UT Technology team. That is the interesting aspect of the work.
Beside managing the project and handling direct negotiations with the customers, the team leader also trains and develops the younger engineers as the project leader.
Less experienced staff will start off by assisting in the work, and as their skills gradually improve, they will take on more design and development work.
Team members are able to grow while learning from one another.
A work attitude that focuses on teamwork has become one of the driving forces behind the dynamism of employees in UT Technology.